Unit 4 IP individual Project Diversity: PSYC424


Assignment Details:

You have been hired as a diversity, equity, and inclusion manager for a medium-sized company (approximately 200 employees). Some employees have been asking their team leaders whether they can include their gender pronouns in their signature blocks on internal and external e-mail. Currently, the company’s policy has a very strict design of e-mail signature blocks to include font, font size, and titles. It does not include any gender pronouns. The chief executive officer (CEO) of the company has asked you to look into whether changing the policy would be a good idea and, if so, how to go about doing so. He tells you that when he has asked some of his senior managers their perspectives, they have given mixed reviews.

Create a presentation with speaker’s notes explaining your new proposed policy. Present any information you feel would be important for all 200 employees to understand.  Be sure to think about the following:

What is the new policy you are proposing?

What information should you include about gender pronouns?

  • What other companies could be models?
  • What time line might you use to roll out your new policy?
  • How do you plan to implement your new policy?
  • What data or resources could you include to support your new policy?
  • How do you address employees who do not want to include gender pronouns?
  • Please submit your assignment.
  • For assistance with your assignment, please use your textbook and all course resources.

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