Week 1 Discussion Case (2)



An 83-year-old resident of a skilled nursing facility presents to the emergency department with generalized edema of extremities and abdomen. History obtained from staff reveals the patient has a history of malabsorption syndrome and difficulty eating due to a lack of dentures. The patient has been diagnosed with protein malnutrition.

By Day 3 of Week 1

Post an explanation of the disease highlighted in the scenario you were provided. Include the following in your explanation, usually a paragraph with citation(s) should suffice to cover each point. Citations would reflect classroom textbook, primary, current peer-reviewed journal articles (published in last 5 yr.) usually, 3 will support your points.

The role genetics plays in the disease. (May or may not be applicable to patient. For example, protein malabsorption in elders does not have a genetic basis in this case).

Why the patient is presenting with the specific symptoms described.

  • The physiologic response to the stimulus presented in the scenario and why you think this response occurred.
  • The cells that are involved in this process.
  • How another characteristic (e.g., gender, genetics, age) would change your response.
  • What might be a characteristic influencing your response?
  • The scenario reflects this to be an unidentified race, so if this patient was African American would this create characteristics influenced by race? It may or may not just support your point with a citation.

In this elderly female, there are several contributing factors for her presenting with these symptoms.

If you do not find any genetic factors contributing, provide a citation supporting this. As a student, be sure to support your points until you become the expert.

The rubric will be your guide. As you can see, at least 3 primary references are needed in the initial submission. These would be from textbook in the classroom, and journal articles. I particularly seek reference to textbook readings (this would constitute one reference plus current research)

Media links to YouTube, Lecturio and searches giving Medscape, UpToDate, EMedicine, Mayo, CDC, and Cleveland Clinic, newspapers are resources, not rigorous and cannot support your points nor influence patient management. These cannot be used as references. You are asked for citation and reference to be sure the points being made are based on current, rigorous research/references.

A paragraph or two with citations per point would approach substantive posts. Then a reference list would be provided to support citations (3 primary references in writing assignments, at least one primary reference to support essays in Knowledge checks, each bearing a citation and supporting reference)

Assignments are expected during the assigned week, no early assignments are permitted.

See syllabus regarding late policy.

No use of grey literature, Wikis, or secondary resources like Mayo, Cleveland Clinic, Up-to-date, nor links. Writing with such rigor in discussions and assignments will inform a rigorous use of references to inform your practice and patient management.References will include an author, date of publication, journal or textbook, edition/issue

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