Week 7 Discussion ?


The popularity of healthcare consumer self-monitoring is rising due to the availability of numerous low-cost or free health and wellness apps, which do not require a prescription and are accessible via smartphone and tablet app stores like Apple and Google Play. However, the effectiveness of these apps is uncertain since many are not approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA). These apps and accompanying wearable devices (Apple Watch, Fitbit, Galaxy Watch, etc.) help users track various health metrics such as sleep quality, calorie expenditure, and physical activity. Additionally, these technologies often feature social components that allow users to share and compare their health progress with others.

Discuss the implications of this trend for nursing informatics and patient care. How can nurses integrate this self-monitored data into patient care plans effectively, considering the FDA has not approved many of these apps, which might affect their reliability and value? Evaluate the potential benefits and drawbacks of patients using such apps and devices to monitor aspects like sleep quality, calories burned, and body activity. How do patients and healthcare providers know this information is accurate? Additionally, consider the social aspects of these technologies, such as sharing and comparing progress with others. How can nurses ensure the ethical use of this data while also encouraging patient engagement and maintaining privacy and accuracy?

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