Wilbur Wright College Analyze the Superbowl ad a


The Link of the Super Bowl Ad :

This is a group presentation the topics that I have to cover are :

  • audience
  • attention grabber
  • tone

The instructions are as follows: Introduction: Tell us WHY you chose your ad. Then show us the commercial.
Thesis: Your thesis (claim) will tell us the meaning of this commercial and what kind of
claim the ad is making.

  • Fact: Is it based in reality?
  • Definition: What is it trying to define or clarify?
  • Cause: What is the cause of the problem in the ad? What are the effects? How is
  • the viewer supposed to find these related?

  • Value: How important is this message? How should we evaluate it?
  • Policy: What is the solution? What should we do about the problem in the ad?
  • Remember that a policy claim is based on fact and value.

  • Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing
  • There is the PowerPoint attached that explains how to analyze a commercial.

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