Works Cited


Choose a research topic that aligns with your academic interests and the course content.

A topic for comparative political ideology

Consider selecting a topic that you are passionate about, as it will enhance your motivation throughout the research process.

Ensure that the chosen topic is sufficiently broad to allow for in-depth exploration but specific enough to be manageable within the scope of the assignment.

Research Topic Rationale:

Write a brief paragraph (150-200 words) explaining why you selected the chosen research topic.

Discuss the significance of the topic in the context of your academic interests.

  • Formulating a Research Question:
  • Develop a clear and concise research question related to your chosen topic.
  • Ensure that your research question is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound.
  • Requirement: Your task is to produce a works cited page for your final paper on the topic and questions you previously submitted. Your works cited must include a minimum of six academic sources published within the last 5 years.

Source Types: Ensure that all sources you include are academic. Accepted sources include journal articles, books, or book chapters. Non-academic sources will not be counted toward the minimum requirement.

Citation Style: Format your citations according to either APA or Chicago style. Choose one style and apply it consistentlythroughout your works cited page. THERE SHOULD BE NO URLS IN ANY OF YOUR CITATIONS.

Clarity: Make sure your sources are clearly presented and easily identifiable. Include all necessary information for each source, such as author names, publication dates, titles, and page numbers. All your citations should be in alphabetical order.

  • Submission: Submit your works cited page here, via canvas.
  • Consider the following elements when formulating your research question:

What are you trying to investigate or explore?

What is the purpose of your research?

Who or what is the focus of your research?

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