Write an Implementable Business-Level Strategic Alternatives based on requirements and cases..


IPlease complete it within 8 hours and then I will check whether it meets the assignment requirements. Please do it as soon as possible so that I have time to review it and for you to make changes.

plementable Business-Level Strategic Alternatives (a total of TWO alternatives; about 

the most important section of the case report!!)
Note: (1) Business level strategies are expected, though corporate level strategies are accepted. Please do
not propose functional level strategies (HR, marketing, etc.) as explained in Chapter 4, which focus on
operational changes that aim to improve internal efficiency and effectiveness. (2) Business strategies
represent major moves in the way the company competes on the market. They often involve significant
investments or divestments that carry long term impact on the company’s competitiveness. These
strategies are externally oriented, often answering the question of what to serve, who to serve, where and
how to compete. (3) Business level strategic alternatives, often developed based on existing/potential
strengths/weaknesses and available environmental opportunities/threats, should deal with key issues
(including the pressure for growth). (4) Two alternatives need to be significantly distinctive; they often
take the company in quite different directions. (5) Both strategies should go beyond a general goal (e.g.,
international expansion, leading technology) and discuss what the company needs to do exactly. (6) Both
alternatives should be plausible and appealing, supported with solid reasoning and strong arguments. Note
that using status quo or current strategy (that is, continue to do what has been doing) as an strategy
alternative demonstrates weak creativity; I need to see your OWN original ideas. Selling off the
company is not an option of strategy in the exam.
• Alternative #1: topic sentence specifying the strategy, followed by the explanations of what it is
exactly and why it is considered a good strategy, with respect to the analysis in previous sections
• Alternative #2: ditto

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