writing answers for five questions


Select five of the seven prompts listed below. Write a response to each writing prompt (minimum 1 page each).  Your responses should comply with MLA or APA formatting standards.   should be submitted as one document. Your completed exam should also include a cover page, and a work cited page/bibliography.  Your responses should reference works that have been covered in class; this includes the handouts, class discussion/lectures, videos, and assigned readings. Be sure to clearly list and identify both the prompts (questions) and answers. There is only one cover page required. 

Define culture and identify and define the 7 elements of culture.

Define the term worldview and identify and discuss the attributes of the Afro-American, the African and the Euro-American Worldviews.

Discuss the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade and 3 European countries that were involved the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Please include dates of their involvement and 3 locations where they were involved.

Discuss E. Franklin Frazier and Melville Herskovits. Please include the intellectual debate that occurred between these 2 scholars.

  1. Identify and discuss 3 African ethnic groups that were enslaved in the United States of America. Please include the specific skills/characteristics associated with each African ethnic group you select.
  2. Identify and discuss 3 African Ethnic Groups (Tribes) that were captured in Africa, enslaved, and brought to America Enslaved. Your discussion should include the name of each tribe, the African region/country they were taken from, where they were taking to in America and the skills and or attributes, they brought with them to America.
  3. Discuss Dr. Akbar’s concept of the “Ghost of the Plantation” and his perspective on the issues related to “religious Imagery”, the “impact on the psychology of the portrayed Race,” and the “effect of Racial Images on African-Americans.”

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