Impact of Digital Technologies on International Trade

Impact of Digital Technologies on International Trade

To analyze the impact of digital technologies like e-commerce, blockchain and social media on patterns of international trade and emerging opportunities.

Research Objectives

RO1: Examine how e-commerce has changed cross-border trade flows and purchasing behaviors.

RO2: Assess the potential impact of blockchain on supply chain management and trade finance across borders.

RO3: Analyze the role of social media in connecting international buyers and sellers and facilitating new trade relationships.


Research Questions

RQ1: How do e-commerce platforms affect international trade and custom processes?

RQ2: To what extent does blockchain technology help increase international trade and customs processes?

RQ3: How does social media facilitate networking among participants in global trade networks?



H1: The growth of e-commerce has led to an increase in cross-border B2C sales and a decline in traditional retail iports/exports.

H2: Implementing blockchain in supply chain management and trade finance can reduce costs and improve transparency in international trade.

H3: Strategic use of social media allows more small businesses to identify new export market opportunities internationally.

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