Your first day starting at Baruch


You will write a single story, but you will write it in two different modes. In other words, continue progressing with your story. Do not repeat it in a different mode. The First half will have to be in the Narrative mode, the second half in the descriptive one. Basically at least one page each. Do not forget to label them, as I should not have to guess. Remember too to apply the specificities for each mode.

Kindly don’t use too many big words and make it as simple as possible as it’s for English 121.

My first day at Lehman was a culture shock as I attended high school in the Caribbean, St. Kitts. Therefore, I was nervous because the school systems are different. Mention that the school is very diverse, with different ethnicities. The campus is huge and I had a hard time finding my first class which was English 111. A student was kind enough to show me where Carman Hall was located. I walked around the campus to try to get familiar with the different buildings. I went to the cafeteria to try the Spanish food. Went to the Financial Aid office because as an international student I wasnt familiar with the process.