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Business administration and environments continuously change. Industry changes include new competitors, changing technology, different services and products, government regulation, naturals disasters, and more.

Organizational managers must be prepared and able to adapt to these changes by modifying strategic plans that allow the organization to achieve strategic goals. Most strategic plans are developed by executive- and senior-level managers with input from middle managers and other key employees. This means that when it’s time to modify these plans, there are several people involved, so everyone needs to be familiar with the organization’s plans. 

Use the organization you selected for your Wk 1 Assessment Prep: Organization Selection and Research and research the strategies used by the organization. Annual reports and company websites are a good source of this information.

Use your research about your selected organization to answer the following questions:

What are some      business-level and corporate-level strategies the organization is      pursuing?

What industry      changes do you think a middle manager in the business operations      department would need to consider when modifying these strategies?

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